Ttump Proven Correct

Trump Proven Correct


The race for the Republican nomination has been characterized by accusations. Donald Trump has many times accused senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio of being useless to the American people. Trump has also accused the congressional establishment, the “career politicians”, of caring for themselves and their careers but not for the American people. Trump has said that the media establishment is in partnership with the congressional establishment. Monsanto, the large chemical manufacturer, has delivered proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump’s accusations are true.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make a certain chemical immune from civil action. There is a very similar bill in the U.S. Senate. Monsanto is the only maker of that chemical. This “get out free of liability” card was created in a way analogous to an immaculate conception. No one knows why it was created. No one knows who proposed it. No one knows who wrote it. There was no discussion of it. And, Monsanto “did not ask for it.”

No average citizen receives such an immunity. No driver is receives a blanket immunity for any injuries he might cause. No “mom and pop” dry cleaner shop has an immunity for any clothes they might ruin. No doctor, dentist, plumber or mechanic receives immunity for any damage, injury or suffering they might cause. To receive immunity, one must be qualified. The qualification is being a multi-billion dollar corporation that donates a millions to political campaigns. Cruz and Rubio accept campaign donations; Trump does not.

This gift to Monsanto was done exactly as Trump has been saying these things always get done. The congressional establishment was able to engineer the passage of the Monsanto gift very quietly because the congressional establishment did not act alone. The media establishment was a full partner. The media did absolutely no investigation as to the source of the gift and just barely reported it.

As Senators Cruz and Rubio campaign endlessly for the Republican nomination, both of them speak volumes about how bad a president Trump would be. Both of them have made countless promises about what great presidents they would be. Neither Cruz nor Rubio has said one word about the Monsanto gift. This gift to Monsanto comes at the expense of the American people. Monsanto has poisoned people and poisoned the environment, while the great champions of the American people, senators Cruz and Rubio, are dead silent about the Monsanto immunity.