ASSAD LOCKED IN PLACE BY THE U.S. Fred Honer R.N. In Syria, a wholesale slaughter of men, women and children has been going on for years. The U.S. and the rest of the western powers have long and often made impassioned speeches holding Bashar Assad as responsible for most if not all of that slaughter. However, the official protests with totally ineffective actions, dramatic and emotional speeches, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth and the wringing of hands may all be lies. Despite all the rhetoric whether Assad is really responsible, the future of Syria has only three possibilities. The first of these is for the western powers to stand by and allow the killing to continue. The second of these is to assassinate Assad. The third is for Assad to leave office. The U.S. and the western powers have implied they are unwilling to do the first and have made no effort to do the second. This leaves only the third. Publicly, the western powers, giving the appearance of following option three above, have been seemingly pressuring Assad to step down. However, the speeches, protests, demands and ineffective political actions by government officials, with the supposed intent of having Assad step down, are all empty gestures. The United States and the rest of the western powers have locked Assad permanently into his office. For Assad, the western powers have made Assad’s position in Syria a prison from which there is no alternative, no escape. If one has any doubt about how tightly Assad is locked in place, one has only to look at the fate of others who were previously in similar situations as Assad is now, but who left or were removed from office. Consider the fates of Noriega, Hussain, Mubarak and Gaddafi: (died after 20 years in several prisons, hanged, imprisoned and sons imprisoned, tortured to death in the street. For Assad, stepping down would effectively be suicide, for himself as well as his family; suicide likely by most unpleasant means. If Assad were to flee Syria, his fate may be delayed but would not be changed. Any western county to which he flees would seize all of his assets. He would be arrested and held for extradition back to Syria. In Syria, Assad (if lucky) could be thrown in prison for the rest of his life. If not, he could be tortured to death. His family, once the first family of a nation, if not imprisoned, would be left to live in cardboard boxes and beg in the streets. Everyone agrees that Assad stays in power at a horrendous human cost. Every single day, well over a hundred Syrian non-combatant men, women and children, are killed. While the hundred plus killed is a terrible thing, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Not included in the daily count are the hundreds maimed, wounded, widowed and orphaned. There is no commerce, no construction and no education. An entire generation is lost. Syrians suffer and die, but Americans are paying at least part of the costs of that suffering and dying. Americans are flying planes, dropping bombs and firing missiles. American taxpayers pay for those planes. Taxpayers pay for fuel, ammunition, bombs and constant very expensive maintenance. The missiles are even more costly. American taxpayers pay millions for every single one of those missiles. While Syrians suffer and die and Americans pay the costs, some make high profits. This may explain why the west keeps Assad right where he is. The planes, ammunition, bombs, maintenance and missiles are provided, “not by mom-and-pop stores,” but by multibillion-dollar corporations who profit greatly from the war. Those corporations are headed by men who are well paid to arrange for the donation of many millions to political campaigns. If Assad is the problem, the war and the loss of a generation could be brought to a screeching halt. It would involve only exercising option three, having Assad, his family and inner circle leave Syria. However, as shown above, the present conditions make leaving Syria impossible for Assad and his group. The solution is simple. Distasteful, but simple. Just change the conditions. Allow Assad, his family and inner circle to come to the U.S. or the western country of their choice. Allow them to bring their assets with them. If necessary give them a military escort. In the country of their choice, they would be given a diplomatic-type immunity. Assad, his family and any who came with him would be immune from any extradition, any criminal action and any civil action. As an incentive, if Assad came to the U.S. today he could keep all the assets he brings with him. By implementing a sliding scale If he waits X amount of time, he could keep only 80% of his assets; if he waits 2X time he could keep only 60% of his assets and so on. The end game would amount to Assad leaving Syria, and by the western rhetoric at least most of the killing could end right there and then. Those opposed to giving Assad the above asylum will site international treaties, agreements, law and precedents. They will sound as pompous as they possibly can. It’s a lie. Just look at the news. The Trump administration has stated its willingness to violate, ignore or change treaties, precedents and agreements. The Trump administration is willing to launch a missile attack on the Syrian airport without any declaration of war or approval of the Senate. This is not to criticize the Trump administration, but rather to demonstrate that the administration is willing to act regardless of law, international law, treaties, agreements and precedents. Whether the administration allows Assad to have asylum in this country is not going to be based on any legal standard. Regardless of what the administration says, regardless of the PR pomp, the decision will be based on self-interest and political correctness. The question is: how is that self-interest defined? Will the decision be based on the horrors of what is happening in Syria, or will the decision be based on war profiteering? The reader must remember that the Civil war, the Spanish American war, World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam and the Gulf wars all resulted in horrendous suffering for a great many. However, all of those wars also resulted in incredible profits for a few. Regarding whether Assad would accept such an offer, the western leaders could make the offer and see what happens. Giving mass murderers like Assad and his group asylum in the U.S. is an unpleasant prospect. However, leaving Assad in Syria will guarantee thousands more will die, be maimed, wounded, widowed and orphaned. These thousands are non-combatant men, women and children. Those who oppose asylum for Assad should be asked: what number of dead and maimed children would be acceptable?


Ttump Proven Correct

Trump Proven Correct


The race for the Republican nomination has been characterized by accusations. Donald Trump has many times accused senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio of being useless to the American people. Trump has also accused the congressional establishment, the “career politicians”, of caring for themselves and their careers but not for the American people. Trump has said that the media establishment is in partnership with the congressional establishment. Monsanto, the large chemical manufacturer, has delivered proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump’s accusations are true.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that will make a certain chemical immune from civil action. There is a very similar bill in the U.S. Senate. Monsanto is the only maker of that chemical. This “get out free of liability” card was created in a way analogous to an immaculate conception. No one knows why it was created. No one knows who proposed it. No one knows who wrote it. There was no discussion of it. And, Monsanto “did not ask for it.”

No average citizen receives such an immunity. No driver is receives a blanket immunity for any injuries he might cause. No “mom and pop” dry cleaner shop has an immunity for any clothes they might ruin. No doctor, dentist, plumber or mechanic receives immunity for any damage, injury or suffering they might cause. To receive immunity, one must be qualified. The qualification is being a multi-billion dollar corporation that donates a millions to political campaigns. Cruz and Rubio accept campaign donations; Trump does not.

This gift to Monsanto was done exactly as Trump has been saying these things always get done. The congressional establishment was able to engineer the passage of the Monsanto gift very quietly because the congressional establishment did not act alone. The media establishment was a full partner. The media did absolutely no investigation as to the source of the gift and just barely reported it.

As Senators Cruz and Rubio campaign endlessly for the Republican nomination, both of them speak volumes about how bad a president Trump would be. Both of them have made countless promises about what great presidents they would be. Neither Cruz nor Rubio has said one word about the Monsanto gift. This gift to Monsanto comes at the expense of the American people. Monsanto has poisoned people and poisoned the environment, while the great champions of the American people, senators Cruz and Rubio, are dead silent about the Monsanto immunity.